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Lucas Portella Wins $33 PokerStars Bonus Generator

Lucas Portella wins Bonus Builder US$33 title and...

On Thursday (06), some Brazilian results appeared on the PokerStars tables, with some big wins. One of the main highlights of the day was professional Lucas Portella from the 4Bet Poker team.

Nicknamed “Portella1990,” he won the Bounty Builder Award, worth $33, after beating out 1,611 participants. Lucas received a generous bonus of $5,949 for his victory.

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There were 474 entries in the traditional $109 Mini Super Tuesday event, with Brazil having two representatives at the final table. The best result came from “AdautoSbn” who finished in third place and received $4,387 in prize money. Lavinia Portella “LaviniaPortella” finished fourth, earning$3,161.

Finally, Brazil had a strong showing in Jonathan Guedes “johnyguedes1”’s $109 Fenomeno, which saw 292 entries. The player earned a silver medal and $4,097 in prize money. “lelecosfc7” finished on the podium in third place, earning $3,042.

See more results below:


US$ 55 Daily Supersonic Yago Simplício “yhsimplicio” 1. US$ 4,090 Bounty Builder US$ 215 Brunno Botteon “botteonpoker” 1. US$ 3,814

Lucas Portella wins Bonus Builder US$33 title and...

WPT Prime Taiwan has a record number of 1,359 entrants

WPT Prime Taiwan has a record number of 1,359 entr...

WPT Prime Taiwan takes place from August 8-21 at the Chinese Hold’em Poker Association (CTP) in Taipei, with a guaranteed prize pool of US$1,000,000. With 1,359 entrants and a value of NT$33,000 (US$1,100), it became the largest tournament on the World Poker Tour Prime Tour.

The record tournament winner was Seonguk Huh who won the largest career prize: NT$6,319,800 (US$197,741). He also earned a spot in the 2023 WPT World Championship, which will be held at Wynn Las Vegas in December. Seonguk started playing on the circuit this year and has 12 cash prizes (3 in the 2023 WSOP), 6 final tables and 1 championship for $267,494.

Here are the 2023 WSOP final table results for WPT Prime Taiwan confirmed:

Here you can see all the players who have been honored in the tournament.

WPT Prime Taiwan has a record number of 1,359 entr...

Second Chance Ladies and More Champions at Punta del Este

Second Chance Ladies and More Champions at Punta d...

No one can deny that the ACR Poker Enjoy Poker Tour Main Event is the highlight of the festival. Starting at noon this Saturday, Definition will compete with eight opponents for glory. But just as this event is a title fight, there are other tournaments, such as Second Chances, that have produced winners.

The main side event was the Hands of Gonzalo García, which won out of 191 entries for $23,480 in prize pools of $92,635.

In the Enjoy Punta del Este regulars heads-up tournament defeated Nicolás Malandre, who won $16,015. Rounding out the podium was Vladimir Tsilin, who earned $9,495.

Event #18 Second Chance

Buy: $550Played: 191Pot: 92,635 $

Final Score

1. Gonzalo Garcia – $23,4802. Nicolas Marandre – $16,0153rd Vladimir Tsilin – $9,4954. Pablo Baltrons – $5,7755. Daniel Campodonico – $4,4606. Alvaro Gonzalez – $3,6957. Jorge Menos – $3,1508° Jorge Calixto – $2,7459. Nicolas Olmedo – $2,35510. Rubens Apovian – $2,03011° Mariano Zolesi – $2,03012° Milton Desalination Center – $2,03013° Augustin Vignola – $1,71514. Uriel Crucianelli – $1,71515. Milton Lodato – $1,71516. Gonzalo Jacobi – $1,42017° Horacio Castillo – $1,42018° Adrian Perini – $1,42019° Nest Jacobian – $1,13520. Christian Shepard – $1,13521. Ariel Ackerman – $1,13522° Eduardo Diaz – $85523° Pietro Lipollini – $85524. Mikhail Lukyanov – $855

Ricardo Benedicto won the Over-45 for Argentina Championship winner.

It is also the venue for the Ü45 Championship. The event was one of the most popular on the Enjoy Poker Tour with 119 entrants.

The winner here is Ricardo Benedicto, who earned $13,627 after defeating Julio Arocena, who won $8,425. El Máquina is one step away from the festival’s double crown.

Event #19 Senior Event

Buy-in: $440Field: 119Pot: $52,360

Final Score

1. Ricardo Benedicto – $13,6272. Julio Arosena – $8,4253. Roberto Piazza – $5,0354. Flavio Pechmann – $3,2305° Michel Saad – $2,4456. Cesar Sanguinetti – $2,0307° Alberto Silva – $1,7558° Eduardo Perez – $1,5459. Eduardo Bonilla – $1,36010. Pedro Betancor – $1,20011° Christian del Valle – $1,20012° Andres Splitzer – $1,20013° Enrique Tecella – $1,04014° Claudio Marino – $1,04015. Fernando Assunção – $1,040

Another match for the Fabio Colonese corps.

And Enjoy the Poker Tour not just No-Limit Hold’em, but also hosts Omaha tournaments. This time the $200 prize was won by Fabio Colonese, a friend of the house, who won $3,227. In a heads-up match, he defeated the famous Manig Loeser, who took home $1,995.

Race 20 had 44 entrants, and the top five players shared $17,072 in prize money.

Second Chance Ladies and More Champions at Punta d...

Matias Tagliani wins his first WSOPC ring in London

Matias Tagliani wins his first WSOPC ring in Londo...

Argentinian Matias Tagliani won his first WSOP Circuit ring on the international stage yesterday at the JW Marriott Grosvenor Hotel in London, England.

Event #5 Monster Stack with 360 entries worth £770 ($981). The top 53 finishers earned money, including Argentina’s Gaspar Neuman, who finished 15th and took home £3,000 ($3,824).

When the heads-up match was formed, it was up to Matias Tagliani to reach an agreement with Patrick Callas to share the remaining prize money, leaving £8,000 and gold ring. The Argentine ended up winning his first WSOPC ring and the biggest prize money of his career: £43,550 ($55,514).

You can see his final hand and his reaction to the win in this video he shared on Instagram:

Check out this post on Instagram

Matias Tagliani (@matitag_) Shared post.

We reached out to him to ask about his experience with the tournament, and he told us: “It’s crazy because there’s a story behind it. I’ve been playing professionally for seven years and have peeled and returned 50 times. A year and a half ago I had $0 in prize money and today I won the WSOPC tournament in Europe.” It was all very surreal without much logic.

How did he feel when he won? “Complete happiness is hard for me to put into words. Ever since I was 15 years old watching poker on ESPN in Las Vegas and Europe, I’ve achieved what I wanted. At that moment I said to myself I want it. “Being there, I can be here 15 years later. It’s an impressive achievement and the first step towards my goal of becoming an elite. I believe that if I just stick to it, stick to it, and learn, within a few years It will definitely happen. Hopefully I will be able to take part in the Triton in the future and try to bring a new trophy to Argentina and keep the flag flying forever.”

It was his third in three races in London Awards: “In my first event I finished 75th out of 1,500 players and in my second Colossus event I lost in a 60BB coin toss and finished 15th After those two games, I was able to adjust some things in the game, which made me a good result in the third game and won.”

About his reception Coming down the race, he told us: “I’ll be doing the rest of these events in London for the series and then I’m going to Barcelona for the CEP and the EPT.

Matias has a fantastic 2023 :

  • 21. Main Event CAP Santa Rosa – $431,000
  • 5. High Roller CAP Santa Rosa – $941,000
  • 14. Monster Mystery Stack KSOP Iguazu – R$3,700 (US$768)
  • 1° Godzilla 120K 🇦🇷 – US$6.5 million (US$25,337)
  • 1 °Second Second Chance CAP Iguazu – $2M
  • 76. Event #1 Mystery Millions WSOPC London – £1,500 ($1,936)
  • 15. Event# 3 Colossus WSOPC London – £2,500 (u$s 3,213)
  • 1. Event #5 Monster Stack WSOPC London – £43,550 (u$55,514)

We’ll be watching him closely in Barcelona.

Matias Tagliani wins his first WSOPC ring in Londo...

Roberts takes lead in LAPT Panama main event

Roberts takes lead in LAPT Panama main event

The LAPT Panama main event begins. The festival’s main event, held at the Sheraton Crown Casino in the English Channel capital, featured 104 competitors, setting the scene for the first-ever performance of the fancy fly. Christian Roberts emerges from a field of 43 to advance to the next round, taking his huge success at the WSOP in Las Vegas to Latin America Poker Tour.

American Tony Miles tried multiple times but failed to win on day two promotion.

The Venezuelan player has amassed 302,500 points after 11 draws and is top in Round 1A. Roberts, who had just won a bracelet at WSOP Online, was enjoying a moment of grace that showed no one else had more chips than him at the time. In fact, he was the only one to break the 300,000-point mark, with Daniel Nelson finishing second with 268,000 points.

He is joined by Christian Hospina with 229,000 in chips and Leo Rizzo with 253,400 in chips . Other qualifiers include Paul Cukier, Juan Barattini, Jorge Ramella, Marcio Zacconi, Diego Zamarbide qiang>qiang> and Jorge de la Guardia, to name a few.

Christian Roberts – 302,500 Daniel Nelson – 268,000 Leonardo Mendonca Rizzo – 253,500 Christian Hospina – 229,000 Francisco Javier Corvalán Armas – 201,000 Juan Baratini – 190,000 Jorge Lamela – 172,000 Jonathan Roy – 166,500 Ruben Camacho – 1 55, 0 00 David Eyal – 153,500 Santiago Nadal – 151,500 Adrian Troya Santos – 145,000 Diego Alberto Fernandez Mendes – 143,500 Fabian Balboa – 137,500 Mario Del Valle – 132,000 Damian García Hernan Des – 125,500 Jose Miguel de la Guardia – 120,500 Jose Luis Partin – 120,000 Rogerio da Silva Motta – 119.0 00 Juan Carlos Morales – 1 19,000 Anthony Barranqueros Ribeiro – 117,000 Paulo Kukier – 115,000 Brent Adam Sherbon – 114,500 Mario Ignacio Arias Sancho – 113,000 Cateberto Hernandez- 108,000 Juan Daniel Danino Ruiz- 99,000 Charles Edward Junkonen- 99,000 Anton Theodore Clemens Marcu Si Miquema – 91.500 Caio Hey De Lima – 84,500 Anthony Diotte – 83,500 Nkosana Mattjon – 80,000 Jose de los Santos Orozco Gomez – 75,500 Joel Trevino – 73,500 Renato Correa de Mello – 73,000 Sebastian Wu – 72,000 Marcio Daniel Zacconi – 67,000 Francisco Javier Cantu Martine Diego Zamabid – 54,000 Howard Leung – 51,000 Luis Burgos Castro – 50,000 Edgar Granados – 48,500 Wagner Ripper – 39,500 Sergio Tello – 38,000

Day 1A brings surprises, 2018 WSOP main Race runner-up Tony Miles. But despite trying more than once, the Americans were unable to overcome this setback.

Anyway, he can try again today starting at 14:00 on Day 1C. He was joined by other newcomers and 15 contestants who received tickets for the final qualifier of the day. Good poker is a promise, and you can follow it at CodigoPoker. The buy-in is $1,500 and the starting stack to enter the 50-minute level is 50,000 chips.

LAPT Panama Schedule

Click here for each event to understand the tournament structure.

Time# Event Buy-in Stack CIEGAS REG DELAY/RE-ENTRY

Saturday 05 Aug 2023

14:00 1 NLH Main Event – ​​Day 1C $1,500 $50,000 50M Level 9 – 23:15 15: 00 5 TURBO $200 US$200 25,000 15M Level 8 – 17:15H 16:00 6 NLH Freeze US$800 30,000 25M Level 10 – 21:40H 20:00 7 NLH TURBO Knockout US$400 30,000 15M Level 8 – Evening 10:15 am 21 :00 1 Main Event – ​​Day 1 30 minutes US$1,500 50,000 30 M Class 9 – 02:15 am

Sunday 6 August 2023

14:00 1 Main Event – ​​Day 2 – 60 M – 14:00 8 NLH Deepstack Program KO – Day 1A US$500 50,000 30M Level 8 – 18:30 15:00 9 High Roller Single Day US$3,000 100,000 25M Level 10 – 20:40H 16:00 10 Women US$200 30,000 15M Level 8 – 1 8:15 hrs 17:00 11 PL Omaha Dealer’s Choice (4/5 cards) $400 $30,000 20M Level 12 – 21:30H 20:00 8 NLH Deepstack PROG KO – Day 1B $500 $50,000 30M Level 8 – 00:30H

Mon 07 Aug 2023

14:00 1 Main Event – Day 3 – – – 60M – 14:00 8 NLH Deep Stacking Events . KO – Day 2 – – – – – – 15:00 12 NLH High Roller – Day 1 US$5,000 60,000 40M Day 2 Starts 15:00 13 TURBO $200 US$200 25,000 15M Level 8 – 17:15H 17:00 14 NLH 6 MAX MYSTERY HIGH – DAY 1 $1,000 $30,000 30M LEVEL 8 – 21:30H 20:00 15 NLH TURBO KO 400 $30.000 15M LEVEL 8 – 22:15H

Tuesday 8 August 2023

14:00 1 Main Event – Final Day – – 60M – 14:00 12 NLH High Roller – Day 2/Final – – – – – 14:00 14 NLH 6 Biggest Mystery KO – Day 2 / Final – – – – – – 14:00 16 NLH TURBO DEEPSTACK US$300 50,000 15M Level 8 – 16:15H 15:00 17 NLH TURBO HIGH ROLLER KO US$3,000 60,000 15M Level 8 – – 17:15H

Roberts takes lead in LAPT Panama main event

Alexey Ponyakov – Mega Millions final table leader.

Alexey Ponyakov - Mega Millions final table leader...

Алексей Поняков 2023

PokerOK’s Mega Millions weekly series recently hosted a tournament prize of the same name The pool is $7,760,000. Ukraine’s Andriy Lyubovetskyi won the event uncontested, taking home $1,184,690.

Meanwhile, another regular Super Million$ starts in the poker lobby with the same $10,300 buy-in and no change in margin for Super Million$. $1,000,000. So far, the event has attracted 185 entrants, almost double the guaranteed number. The total prize pool for the tournament is $1,850,000.

The final table is now set, this time with another big name from Latvia.

Super Million$

We are talking about It’s poker player Aleksejs Ponjakovs, who is currently the chip leader with 3,891,020 chips. The Austrian poker player nicknamed “TouchSomeGrass” came in second with 3,126,840 chips (62.5 BB).

The final table also included last year’s Mega Millions runner-up, Brazilian player Pedro Garagnani, with 3,126,840 chips (62.5 BB). A stack of over 40 big blinds.

There are 20 poker players in the prize pool. Seven winners received a minimum prize of $24,560. The final table will start at 21:00 on Tuesday and will be available for all to watch on the PokerOK YouTube channel.

Alexey Ponyakov - Mega Millions final table leader...

Tyler Smith Leads WSOP’s Most Expensive PLO Championship

Tyler Smith Leads WSOP's Most Expensive PLO Champi...

Eleven players remain in the Horseshoe, the most expensive four-card event of the 2023 World Series of Poker, and we will determine the winner this Sunday. Event #71: An impressive 200 players in the $50,000 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller event, with these lucky entrants vying for the lion’s share of the $9,550,000 prize pool. Tyler Smith

Ian Matakis approaches another bracelet.

The size of this tournament is indeed impressive and it is worth noting that the start of Day 2 with 33 late registrants ensures that the High Roller event gathers more entries than the previous two 2021 and 2022 editions The sum of the games is even more. This is a clear indication of the massive growth that high roller poker and mixed gaming have seen this festive season in Sin City.

After 12 levels of 40 minutes each, not only is the price bubble bursting, but the unofficial final table is just around the corner. The three previous bracelet winners still have a chance to add to their gold medal totals, led by Tyler Smith, who has long led the tournament and amassed 14,000,000 chips. Isaac Haxton (2,500,000) and Ian Matakis (2,150,000) were also bracelet winners at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Matakis already had a memorable WSOP 2023, when he won his first WSOP bracelet in the series’ early Online Event #2: $500 No-Limit Hold’em Bankroll Generator . He also finished a respectable 7th in Event #65: $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em (6 Max) just one day before entering the event.

Second in chips behind the dangerous Smith. Jesse Lonis, one of the rising young talents on the international scene. Due to his aggressive style of play, Lonis has been involved in a number of big hands, proving he isn’t intimidated by the tournament’s high prices. Lonis, who previously finished 10th and 9th in frozen tournaments during the 2023 WSOP, is looking to improve his performance.

The final 11 players will return to the Horseshoe Event Center tables starting today at 1:00 pm.

Tyler Smith Leads WSOP's Most Expensive PLO Champi...

“Carla Perez” wins HighS of Suprema Brazil

This Monday, 10, at the Suprema Brazil felts, no one lined up more than the player “Carla Perez”. In the BRL 2,500 NL Hold’em HighS 200K GTD, he won BRL 40,698 after outlasting 93 opponents.

“Taca Queijo”, in turn, let out the cry of champion in the R $ 250 NL Hold’em Battle 250K GTD. First of a field of 954 entries, he fattened his bankroll with R $ 28.406.

See other results:

R$75 NL Hold’em Battle 100K GTD (1,570 entries)

Champion: “hyago” R$ 16,616

R$110 NL Hold’em Mystery 50K GTD (559 entries)

Champion: “Nivea Sun” R$ 10,099

€15 NL Hold’em Plus 50K GTD (2,138 entries)

Winner: “AsnoPoker” €9,073

Chance Kornuth had a special moment in Las Vegas this summer

Five-Time WSOP FT, Wynn Champion and $3.6M: Chance...

More than half of the WSOP 2023 bracelets have been seen Through their hosts, the list of winners includes big names in the poker world. Some have come close to this feat, but they shouldn’t complain about their achievements because it’s not just titles that create great moments in a player’s career.

Pokerstar Chance Kornuth is a good example, his boss has won three bracelets in his career. The American has achieved his goal of becoming a four-time WSOP champion multiple times this summer in Las Vegas, but his accolades to date have certainly been impressive.

From May 30 to today , June 28, Chance has cashed 11 prizes and won a whopping $3,610,690. Five of those were Kornuth final tables in WSOP High Roller events.

Check out the results below:

2 – Event #2 – $25,000 – HR 6 Hands – $751,463

4. – Event #29 – $100,000 – NLH HR – $833,854

5. – Event #40 – $250,000 Super High Roller – $1,202,318

4. – Online Event #08 – $3,200 High Roller – $108,443

9. – Event #57 – $25,000 PLO High Roller – $161,585.

In a show at the Wynn Casino, he also had a chance to win the huge $2,200 mystery bounty among 3,006 entrants and became the champion on June 23. There, he won $537,322 plus an undisclosed bounty.

Five-Time WSOP FT, Wynn Champion and $3.6M: Chance...

WSOP: Felipe Mojave and Paulo Gini Enter Day 2 of Event #21

Brazil Continued to shine at the WSOP 2023, culminating in the release of the first bracelet with a stunning victory by pro Rafael Reis. However, the game continued and, in the meantime, other Brazilian stars continued to impress in the rest of the series. Game 21 in PLO mode is an example.

With a buy-in of $1,000, the tournament attracted 2,017 entrants and played 17 blind levels, ending with 117 entrants remaining in the field. Two of them are Brazilians: Felipe Mojave (138,000) and Paulo Gini (126,000).

Brazilian professional Felipe Things won’t be easy for Mojave and Paulo Gini as chip leader Suk Bang has amassed 1,465,000 in chips. Also standing out were Mike Gorodinsky (734,000), Max Pescatori (508,000), David Williams (428,000), Fernando Habegger (316,000) and Daniel Negreanu (289,000).

The game resumes this Friday at 4pm (09). ). The blinds are 5,000/10,000, and the blinds are big antes. Players have earned at least $2,463, with the eventual winner’s prize pool at $267,991.

Paulo Gini

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