Bernardo Dias Wins Event 22-M and Becomes First Brazilian to Win Second SCOOP 2023

Bernardo Diaz wins Event 22-M, becoming first Braz...

Also in the first week of SCOOP 2023, star player Bernardo Dias won his second championship. After capturing a horse. In that event, he played at the NL Omaha Hi/Lo table. In Event 22-M, with a buy-in of $109, players from the 4Bet team won $9,887 over a field of 686 entrants.

In heads-up, “bedias” leaves his compatriot “yleo6” behind. .The final hand went like this:

Blinds were 175,000/350,000, ante was 37,500, “yleo6” moved all-in, “bedias” just checked. The flop came 7♠Q♦4♠ and “yleo6” bet 300,000. “bedias” decides to check the 10. The owner of 9,277,812 “yleo6” all-in. “bedias” called, showing 9♥7♥4♥4♦. Dominated by K♦Q♥J♣10♣, “yleo6” was not saved by the 8♥ flow. Overall, the runner-up won $6,869.

In Event 25-M: $55 NL Hold’em, Neto “netodias12” Dias was the winner. In the first 835 entries, he increased his bankroll by $5,725.

Bernardo Diaz wins Event 22-M, becoming first Braz...


  • This text provides a summary of the achievements of two star players, Bernardo Dias and Neto Dias, during SCOOP 2023. Bernardo Dias won his second championship in the NL Omaha Hi/Lo table, while Neto Dias emerged as the winner in the NL Holdem event, increasing his bankroll by $5,725.

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