BetConstruct Network (Stretch): Poker Network Explained

BetConstruct (renamed Stretch since 2022), the young and only poker network founded in the former Soviet Union, is not only successfully breaking into the international market today, but is also ranked in the top 20 in the world based on headcount. player. How and why it happened, you will learn from this article.

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History of the Network

In its modern form, the network is relatively recent. However, the company BetConstruct was founded in 2003 by a group of businessmen and gaming site software developers from Armenia.

The modern BetConstruct network is the result of two events:

  1. The creation of an integrated platform for gaming companies. Turnkey products are immediately available to any gambling operator.
  2. Transition of the most famous Armenian bookmaker Vbet to this platform. By then, it had long left the country’s borders and had been operating across Europe for more than a decade.

Vbet, a poker room owned by Vbet, has been operating since 2014 and was initially unsuccessful in the market, mainly due to outdated software.

Vbet Poker becomes the first BetConstruct web room in 2017.

Skinning and rebranding.

Since then, the composition of the web has changed a lot, with some skins added and others closed. Now, besides Vbet, there are other representatives:

  • Grompoker – Ukrainian region, the only place that accepts Russian and Belarusian players.
  • The Crocobet is a room located in Georgia.

In late October 2022, BetConstruct Network will rebrand to Stretch.

The main reason for the rebranding was management’s desire to more clearly demarcate the different areas of activity.


What game products and activities does Stretch Network welcome players to provide? The poker formats and games played are as follows:

  1. 6-max Hold’em – These tables get the most traffic. Limits for most tables (up to 30) are NL2-€5. Upstairs (often including up to 100 NL) there are as many as 10 other tables active in the evening.
  2. Sonic Poker is a local version of Fast Poker. Games are played in 5 max formats up to 100 NL. A rake race is held exclusively for these tables with a weekly prize of €13,000.

The rest of the cash games (Omaha, 6+) are characterized by sporadic traffic. It’s also worth noting that €NL50-400 action is possible at the HU NLH table. In the early evening, a maximum of 5-6 people can gather.


  • MTT grid guarantees up to €10,000 with buy-ins starting from €33 (€110 guaranteed up to €125,000 in series).
  • Classic Spin & Go’s with buy-ins up to €100 and multipliers up to x1,000.

Satellites to the Russian Poker Tour Armenia Series are open to players several times a year. Start with a freeroll to win the Main Event pack for free.


The main difference between the two main skins of the network is their bonus systems, including first deposit bonuses and VIPs. We compare them in the table below:

*In Vbet the loyalty system doesn’t work when players wager the welcome bonus, but in Grompoker it does.


Extended network room key differentiators:

  1. Own clients with excellent customization options end, but does not support third-party layouts or HUDs.
  2. Most flow is focused on the low limit note 6 max NLH.
  3. Fast paced poker up to 5 tables with individual tournaments.
  4. Opportunity to earn direct rebates of up to 60-80%.
  5. Transact via classic payments and different types of cryptocurrencies.
  6. Russian language support.
  7. Satellite live broadcast series.

Vbet and Grompoker are best for Fast Poker (Race+VIP) and Bamhunt with limits up to NL100€. MTT players may be attracted by the small field, coverage, and the ability to easily and inexpensively choose to play in a live series.


  • This text provides information about the success and growth of the BetConstruct poker network, which has recently been renamed Stretch. It discusses the history of the network, its expansion into international markets, and the range of games and activities it offers to players.

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