Chance Kornuth had a special moment in Las Vegas this summer

Five-Time WSOP FT, Wynn Champion and $3.6M: Chance...

More than half of the WSOP 2023 bracelets have been seen Through their hosts, the list of winners includes big names in the poker world. Some have come close to this feat, but they shouldn’t complain about their achievements because it’s not just titles that create great moments in a player’s career.

Pokerstar Chance Kornuth is a good example, his boss has won three bracelets in his career. The American has achieved his goal of becoming a four-time WSOP champion multiple times this summer in Las Vegas, but his accolades to date have certainly been impressive.

From May 30 to today , June 28, Chance has cashed 11 prizes and won a whopping $3,610,690. Five of those were Kornuth final tables in WSOP High Roller events.

Check out the results below:

2 – Event #2 – $25,000 – HR 6 Hands – $751,463

4. – Event #29 – $100,000 – NLH HR – $833,854

5. – Event #40 – $250,000 Super High Roller – $1,202,318

4. – Online Event #08 – $3,200 High Roller – $108,443

9. – Event #57 – $25,000 PLO High Roller – $161,585.

In a show at the Wynn Casino, he also had a chance to win the huge $2,200 mystery bounty among 3,006 entrants and became the champion on June 23. There, he won $537,322 plus an undisclosed bounty.

Five-Time WSOP FT, Wynn Champion and $3.6M: Chance...


  • This text provides an update on the winners and achievements at the WSOP 2023 tournament, particularly highlighting the success of poker player Chance Kornuth who has cashed 11 prizes and won over $3.6 million. It also mentions his victory at the Wynn Casino where he won a significant prize and a mystery bounty.

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