Exclusive: Neville Costa breaks AA with Tomato at half

All With a strong record in both online and live poker, ace Neville Costa can add another SCOOP final table on Thursday (Day 25). The Santa Catarina native was on the brink of a decision in Event #93-H ($1,050 NLH Progressive KO, Freezeout), but the cards were not in his favor at the semifinal table.

A total of 14 players were left in the game when Costa was eliminated. There were seven players at the table and the game started with a small raise from Francisco Benitez “Tomatee” at UTG+1. Neville was the next player to act, three-betting five big blinds. The table flopped and the Uruguayan called the flop.

They both had stack limits. The Brazilian had 15.7 blinds and Benitez 17.4. The flop showed. The Santa Catarina native decided C-betting only 10% of the pot and betting 1.2 blinds. His opponent called and the turn was . After the Uruguayan checked again, Neville was now 20% big with 2.8 blinds.

“Tomatoe” didn’t like the game and decided to go all-in. PokerStar “NevilleWeeee” didn’t hesitate to call and reveal that he was one of the top players. Benitez held top pair and flush draw and caught it on the river. He hit two pair and knocked Costa out for 45 big blinds and a cash.

Costa exited the tournament in 14th place and $5,476 for $5,476. Tomatoe made it to the final table and finished sixth for $9,234.


  • This text describes a poker game where Neville Costa, a skilled player, made it to the semifinal table but was ultimately eliminated. Despite his strong record, Costa was unable to secure a win and finished in 14th place, earning $5,476. Francisco Benitez Tomatee, who eliminated Costa, went on to reach the final table and finished in sixth place with a cash prize of $9,234.

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