‘FIdaElenilda’ and ‘MayaSushi’ Reach Six Figures in Extreme Poker Series 1M Battle

In one of the busiest stages of the season, three players have racked up six-figure cashes in the Supreme Series of Poker. In the Day 11 Main Event, Event 36-H: $550 Battle HR, winner “FIdaElenilda” took home $127,982 and runner-up “MayaSushi” took home $112,039.

Registration of 2,631 Battle HR triggered a guarantee of R 1 million and paid over R$ 1,302,345.

Pajarito V takes SPS one step further. He finished first out of 137 players in Event 37-H: $5,500 NL Hold’em High Roller for R$158,743.

View other results:

Event 82-M: 110 Reals No-Limit Hold’em Warm-up Tournament (669 participants)

Winner: “Xu Walks” R$ 10,214

Event 83-M: $80 NL Hold’em Mystery (918 entries)

Winner: “Cap Tsubasa” R$7,231

Event 86-M: $300 NL Hold’em Puzzle (715 entries)

Winner: “I’ll Pay” $34,449

Event 87-M: $350 NL Hold’em 6 -Max PKO (135 Entrants)


Event 129-L: $55 NL Hold’em Big Plus (3,502 entries)

WINNER: ” B.Fischer7” $22,250

Event 130-L: $75 NL Hold’em Big Plus (846 entries)

WINNER: “kiko20” R $8,601

Event 131-L: $35 NL Hold’em Battle (1,849 participants)

WINNER: “Agro-stinho” R$9,591

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