Gonzalo Serrano, the best Spanish player on the second day of Winamax SIXMIX Marrakech

Our 32 players start day two After competing in the Winamax Main Event SIXMIX Marrakech 2023, we have 5 more of the 18 players returning tomorrow for the trophy and the million dirhams. Gonzalo Serrano with 8,615,000 points is the best player among our players, but he is surrounded by many, many people:

  • Iñigo Naveiro TV table
  • Luis Cabello TV Desk
  • Jordi García 1,645,000
  • Gonzalo Serrano 8,615,000
  • Javier Ortiz 4,260,000

The day The best was Sylvain from Neyroud, France with 16,200,000 points.

These are to be distributed tomorrow Prizes:

1.- 1,000,000 ma 2.- 725,000 Ma 3rd- 520,000 Ma 4th- 370,000 Ma 5th- 270,000 ma 6th- 200,000 ma 7th- 145,000 ma 8th- and 9th – 110,000 ma 10th and 11th – ma 18th – 45,000 ma.

To see everything that happened today, you can visit our track.

You will be here soon by the checked list.

These are all Winamax SIXMIX Marrakech 2023 results.


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    This text provides a summary of the ongoing Winamax Main Event SIXMIX Marrakech 2023 poker tournament, highlighting the best-performing players and the prize distribution for the upcoming day. Additionally, it mentions the availability of further details on the event’s website.

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