Great Chico Network Review: Which Room Should I Choose?

Modern poker networks can have a completely different number of skins. Their differences are not always visible to players, so they face the problem of choosing rooms within the same network. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the features of the three rooms on the US Poker Network Chico.

Большой обзор сети Chico . Какой рум выбрать?

What attracts players to Chico internet rooms?

The composition of the network has remained stable over the years and is represented by three skins – BetOnline, Sportsbetting and Tigergaming.

The first two are departments of game companies, which specialize in accepting sports bets from American citizens, mainly from the United States and Canada.

Tigergaming does not accept Americans, it is a “gateway” network” for US citizens to the rest of the world. Formally, even if the events of Black Friday are repeated, this should not constitute a complaint against the US authorities.

Thanks to the common base of poker fans from the western hemisphere, Chico Room up to 4,000 connections in the maintenance field, and most importantly, many of them are weak poker players.

True , to take full advantage of these benefits, you’ll need to play late at night and early in the morning European time.

At the same time, unlike many competitors who have announced a policy of supporting amateur players, Chico’s cash tables allow for a HUD, although only H2N direct distribution.

Current traffic on the Chico network

At the beginning of 2023, the network is in a “normal position” in the Pokerscout rankings – top 10 with an average of 1,100 cached connections per day. Of course, this number is in Peak hours can almost double.

There are two main traffic characteristics here:

It’s not just the classic PLO tables that are active in the halls of Omaha. There are hi-lo and 5-card Action in card format. Local Fast Poker (Boost) has two limits: NL$10 and NL$25, with 100 and 50 connections during peak hours.

Short form.

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Chico Network Room Comparison

Chico is one of the least varied poker networks out there. Players can only see them in the design of the website and client.

In terms of bonuses, they both offer:

  1. 100% bonus on first deposit up to $1000 10 % rebate.
  2. Five tournaments across different game types (Texas Hold’em, Omaha, NL25$ Boost, Spins, Classic SnG) with a combined weekly prize pool of over $20,000.
  3. Two progressive jackpots (for regular NL100 Hold’em and Fast Poker cash games).

There is no such loyalty system.


With Chico, choosing a poker room is more of an ancillary choice based on a player’s past interactions with the network. As you’ve learned from this article, there is no distinction between players’ rooms.

If you have never played Chico before, Tigergaming is for you. If you already have an old account but would like to get an offer from our website, you can choose between Betonline or Sportwetten.

The network has a valid account rule, so you have to sign up to select a specific room for permanent volumes in Chico, and it’s best not to even log into another account, even if you still have an old account there.


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    This text provides information about the US Poker Network Chico and its three rooms, BetOnline, Sportsbetting, and Tigergaming. It highlights the network’s stable composition, attraction to weak poker players, and the availability of HUD on Chico’s cash tables. Additionally, it mentions the traffic characteristics, bonuses offered, and the need for players to choose a specific room.

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