Iago Savino Wins PokerStars BB530 Championship

Iago Savino Wins Again PokerStars $530 Bounty Buil...

Tuesday (07) Very active in Brazilian poker at the PokerStars tables and has had a decent run in regular tournaments. There, The Team’s Iago Savino won the grand prize.

Using his “neverstandard” account, the player earned the traditional Bounty Builder HR title worth $530 out of 133 participants. Iago Savino defeated Pedro Dib “dibmestre” heads-up in Brazil for $15,816. The runner-up won $7,128.

in value In the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition, the player managing the “bahia” account became the overall winner after beating a total of 2,125 entrants. The result was $12,090 for the Brazilians.

Finally, in this $109 mini-Thursday thriller with an entry fee of $842, Brazilian account holder “nelsonjapiassu” became the decision for the man to show up. He was eliminated in second place for $7,026.

Iago Savino Wins Again PokerStars $530 Bounty Buil...


  • This text highlights the success of Brazilian poker players at PokerStars, particularly Iago Savino, who won the grand prize in a regular tournament, as well as the Bounty Builder HR title. Other Brazilian players, such as bahia and nelsonjapiassu, also had notable performances and earned significant cash prizes.

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