JJJAIR70 Brings PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness Main Event

JJJAIR70 Brings PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness Main...

Yesterday, the schedule for PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness was finalized. It includes 98 events and awards prize money worth €3,521,046. Spanish team wins in mid-stack madness

The highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly ‘JJJAIR70‘s’ victory in the €100 buy-in Main Event. The event attracted 2,750 entrants, taking the tournament prize money above the guaranteed prize pool to €247,500.

The event had a very Latin American ending, with Mexico’s “Su Rios” and Argentina’s “Su Rios”. OnlyEVMatters tried to spoil the party, but in the end they helped push the bounty defended by “JJJAIR70” and awarded to the Spaniard to €24,848.97.

La Roja’s number of wins in the last three days of the festival is XX:

  • Rabasa04 won the MS-80: 50 € Interstellar PKO 8 -Max (€6,678.37).
  • JairoGarcia1 won the MS-88: €20 Bounty Star PKO 6-Max Turbo (€2,548.31).
  • BCNbEaSt Win MS-92: €20 Sunday Master PKO 8-Max (€5,498.33).

Overall ranking of mid-game madness

Brazilian players disappeared from the weekend medal list, worthy of a country. France finished third with six wins in the final sprint.

  • 1. Brazil and Spain: 20 wins.
  • 3. France: 18.
  • 4. Portugal: 14.
  • 5. Belarus and Ukraine: 7.
  • 7. Kazakhstan and Lithuania: 2.
  • 7. Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Thailand and New Zealand: 1.

JJJAIR70 Brings PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness Main...

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  • This text provides a summary of PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness, highlighting the number of events and prize money involved. It also mentions the success of the Spanish team, specifically JJJAIR70’s victory in the €100 buy-in Main Event. Additionally, it ranks the countries with the most wins in the tournament, with Brazil and Spain leading the pack.

  • This text is providing information about the schedule and results of the PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness tournament. It highlights the victory of a Spanish player in the Main Event and provides an overall ranking of the countries with the most wins in the tournament.

  • This text provides information about PokerStars Mid-Stakes Madness, including the schedule, prize money, and highlights of the event. It also mentions the number of wins by different countries in the tournament.

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