Matias Tagliani wins his first WSOPC ring in London

Matias Tagliani wins his first WSOPC ring in Londo...

Argentinian Matias Tagliani won his first WSOP Circuit ring on the international stage yesterday at the JW Marriott Grosvenor Hotel in London, England.

Event #5 Monster Stack with 360 entries worth £770 ($981). The top 53 finishers earned money, including Argentina’s Gaspar Neuman, who finished 15th and took home £3,000 ($3,824).

When the heads-up match was formed, it was up to Matias Tagliani to reach an agreement with Patrick Callas to share the remaining prize money, leaving £8,000 and gold ring. The Argentine ended up winning his first WSOPC ring and the biggest prize money of his career: £43,550 ($55,514).

You can see his final hand and his reaction to the win in this video he shared on Instagram:

Check out this post on Instagram

Matias Tagliani (@matitag_) Shared post.

We reached out to him to ask about his experience with the tournament, and he told us: “It’s crazy because there’s a story behind it. I’ve been playing professionally for seven years and have peeled and returned 50 times. A year and a half ago I had $0 in prize money and today I won the WSOPC tournament in Europe.” It was all very surreal without much logic.

How did he feel when he won? “Complete happiness is hard for me to put into words. Ever since I was 15 years old watching poker on ESPN in Las Vegas and Europe, I’ve achieved what I wanted. At that moment I said to myself I want it. “Being there, I can be here 15 years later. It’s an impressive achievement and the first step towards my goal of becoming an elite. I believe that if I just stick to it, stick to it, and learn, within a few years It will definitely happen. Hopefully I will be able to take part in the Triton in the future and try to bring a new trophy to Argentina and keep the flag flying forever.”

It was his third in three races in London Awards: “In my first event I finished 75th out of 1,500 players and in my second Colossus event I lost in a 60BB coin toss and finished 15th After those two games, I was able to adjust some things in the game, which made me a good result in the third game and won.”

About his reception Coming down the race, he told us: “I’ll be doing the rest of these events in London for the series and then I’m going to Barcelona for the CEP and the EPT.

Matias has a fantastic 2023 :

  • 21. Main Event CAP Santa Rosa – $431,000
  • 5. High Roller CAP Santa Rosa – $941,000
  • 14. Monster Mystery Stack KSOP Iguazu – R$3,700 (US$768)
  • 1° Godzilla 120K 🇦🇷 – US$6.5 million (US$25,337)
  • 1 °Second Second Chance CAP Iguazu – $2M
  • 76. Event #1 Mystery Millions WSOPC London – £1,500 ($1,936)
  • 15. Event# 3 Colossus WSOPC London – £2,500 (u$s 3,213)
  • 1. Event #5 Monster Stack WSOPC London – £43,550 (u$55,514)

We’ll be watching him closely in Barcelona.

Matias Tagliani wins his first WSOPC ring in Londo...


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