Pedro Padilha Wins $530 Bounty Builder HR

Pedro Padilha is the winner of the $530 Bounty Bui...

Superstar Pedro Padilha has been scouting PokerStars regular tournaments for the SCOOP penta. In another version of the $530 Bounty Builder HR, he beat 250 opponents and won $25,950. Also in the Championship, Rafael Moraes (4th) and Nello Neto (5th) won $7,476 and $5,298 respectively.

Brazil completed the double-double later in the day when he won the $55 Mini Bounty Builder Human Resources. The winner “tamaguchi333” took home $17,547 and Emanuel “Manu M Costa” Costa took home the bronze medal and $7,046.

Eike “Mr. Havener” Onodera, on the other hand, took home $17,808 after fielding 1,187 players in the Big $109 SCOOP Edition.

Matheus “zilbeee” Zilberknop, on the other hand, placed the national team in the tiebreaker of Event 16-H: SCOOP’s $1,050 PLO 6-Max. He beat the five-handed table for $11,904.

Pedro Padilha is the winner of the $530 Bounty Bui...


  • Dorris.gutmann

    This text highlights the success of Brazilian poker players in various tournaments, with Pedro Padilha winning $25,950 and Rafael Moraes and Nello Neto also achieving significant wins. It also mentions the victory of tamaguchi333 in the Mini Bounty Builder and the notable performance of Eike Onodera and Matheus Zilberknop.

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