Thomas Garcia Wins SCOOP Event 23-H

Thomas Garcia Wins SCOOP Event 23-H

In just one hour, the Brazilian has won two more titles at SCOOP 2023.

Thomas Garcia was crowned champion after beating 322 opponents in Event 23-H: $1,050 NL Hold’em (PKO, Single Re-Entry). For the win, the owner of the “TakeZITO1” account won $57,284.

In Event 22-L: $11 NL Omaha Hi/Lo (6 Max, PKO), “FredCamara” was the man to plant the green and yellow flag at the top of the podium. He took home $4,311 after beating 3,895 players.

Wender Oliveira, on the other hand, withdrew from Event 21-L: $33 NL Hold’em (7-max, single re-entry) heads-up. In total, the pro’s bankroll increased by $16,959.

Also at the SCOOP event, Daniel “D.japaa” Yamaki finished fourth in Event 21 out of 966 starts: $320 NL Hold’em (7 Max, Single Reentry), which A feat well deserved for Brazil at $15,413.

Thomas Garcia Wins SCOOP Event 23-H

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