Wilson Massarenti Beats HU Partners to Crack SSOP PLO5

SSOP (PokerStars Series) is a major event in Salvador, Bahia, which begins its first phase of the year in 2023. The first day of the tournament featured PLO5 Super KO, a five-card game popular around the world with success in the country. The title stayed at home because the winner was SSOP member Wilson Massarenti.

At the end of the match, Wilson faced fellow Tour member Beto Cavadas when an unusual situation arose during the match. The head fight begins – high. The showdown between the organizers ended with Mazarenti’s happy ending. He took home R$ 2,200 from the regular prize pool and received extra cash for his elimination from the tournament.

The partners face the final table, which includes Bruno Andrade, Jyllow Fonseca, Leandro Brandão, David Wallas and Otávio Andrade, among others. After Otávio was eliminated, they won the duel for the third-place trophy.

PLO5 Super KO has a buy-in fee of R$500 and a margin of R$10,000. The competition had 38 entrants, almost double the number promised.

See regular prices:

1 – Wilson Massarenti – 2,200 R$

2- Beto Cavadas – R$1,500

3- Otavio Andrade – R$1,030

4- David Wallas – R$800

5- Leandro Brandão – R$ 650

6 – Jyllow Fonseca – R$ 500

7 – Bruno Andrade – R$ 350


  • This text provides a summary of the SSOP (PokerStars Series) event in Salvador, Bahia, in 2023, specifically highlighting the PLO5 Super KO tournament. Wilson Massarenti, an SSOP member, emerged as the winner, earning a cash prize and additional money for his elimination. The text also mentions the other participants and their rankings.

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