Yuri Martins and Bernardo Dias top SCOOP leaderboard

With As SCOOP approaches its final sprint, a series of leaderboards will reveal who is truly number one. As always, there are four running versions: low, medium, high, and normal. Brazil has been heavily watched in all of these games and Yuri Martins is the main name.

“theNERDguy” has already won two titles in the 2023 High Edition, which makes him currently second in this category with a score of 805 points. Yuri is in Patrick Leonard’s rearview mirror. The British player, owner of the account pads1161, is currently 5 points ahead of the Paraná player.

Yuri is also in the top 10 in the SCOOP standings. He is currently ninth with 1,095 points. Usually the leaderboards are full of big names, but a surprise awaits you at the top: Unknown Thai “FAL1st” leads the pack with 1,740 points, tied with Portuguese Rui Ferreira “RuiNF”, an expert in this match.

The medium version is Bernardo Dias, “Bedias”, also in chaos. He was third with 645 points, just behind “FAL1st” with 745 points and Sweden’s “Perrymejsen” Jerry Odeen with 685 points. Kelvin Kerber, “Kelvin_FP:AR” ranked eighth. The Samba players scored 505 points.

“FAL1st” is also the leader of the low version, targeting the Brazilians. Unknown grinder “lyren154” came in second with 690 points, 70 points behind the Thai. Luygo Vaz, “lvss12”, is ninth with 555 points. In addition to cash prizes, all four categories award trophies to the winners.

Check this out:


First – $25,000


1. – $15,000

2. – $10,000

3. – $5,000


1. – $10,000

2° – $7,500

3. – US$5,000

4. – $2,500

5. – $1,500

6. Up to $10 – $1,000


First – $5,000

2. – $2,500

3. – $1,500

4. – $1,000

5. – $500

6. Through the 10th – $300

11th through the 20th – $150


  • This text provides information about the leaderboard standings and prize distribution for the SCOOP tournament. It highlights the performance of several players, including Yuri Martins and the surprising leader, FAL1st. The text also mentions the cash prizes and trophies awarded to the winners in different categories.

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